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Native Plant Tissue Culture Program

Why use Local Ecotype tissue culture for natives?


You know native plants are essential for our ecosystems. They feed & shelter our pollinators and keystone species while etching character into our landscapes like nothing else can. But what can we do when there's not enough seed to maintain populations? Spend years scouting for new sources? Give up? There's a way to help nature regain control:

Stabilize native populations in decline with a specialized Native Plant Tissue Culture Program:  

Develop a tissue culture propagation protocol using available abundant material

Propagate the diverse population of LOCAL ECOTYPE tissue culture

Harden and grow the diverse population to size in the greenhouse

Deliver and assist with planting & monitoring alongside conservation pros for seed blocks, natural landscapes, or native nurseries

Define target species & number of plants required to re-stabilize population

Collect biodiverse tissue samples from the broadest population available

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We're a new kind of plant production company. 

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