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The Plant Replicator™

Developed by tissue culture scientists, engineers, and plant enthusiasts with a single goal: radically simplify disease-free plant replication for a world with enough plants. 

Wait... what?


The Plant Replicator™ is the first specialized, warehouse-ready, patent-pending device capable of producing better-than-tissue culture-quality plants for commercial plant producers.


Replicated, Rooted, Acclimatized, Disease-Free Plantlets.
All in your control.
All without a lab. 

"Lab-Free TC"

OPEN NOW - Rebel Cultures is now accepting applicants for our Plant Replication R&D program. Let our scientists develop custom Lab-Free TC protocols for your plants and give you first access to developed Plant Replicator™ modules. 


Don't Miss Out

Follow our progress. Don't miss out on the future of plant production. 

The future of plant replication is
(almost) here.

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