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Plant Tissue Culture - But make it local, and rub some dirt in it

Rebel Cultures is creating the first-of-its-kind Plant Replication System™ to re-localize plant production and help the world make resilient plants without hyper-clean labs.


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💡What’s “Tissue Culture?” 

Tissue culture today is cool,  but too expensive to work long-term

Also called “TC” or “micropropagation,” plant tissue culture uses targeted nutrients to produce plants without seeds in a controlled environment. When successful, the result is rapid production of small, identical, healthy plants. This process is important because many plants like fruit trees can't be produced from seed, and others like some trees, ornamentals, and rare native plants don't have enough seeds available, or can't be produced fast enough without tissue culture. 

Today, tissue culture is highly specialized laboratory work. This makes it too expensive to perform locally, which increases our risk of importing foreign pests and pathogens while disconnecting our local agriculture talent from meaningful work.  Rebel Cultures is on a mission to solve this, and we'd love your help.

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